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The Spearhead of Advanced Technology HDPRO Smart-I DNR

Powerful Low Lux Sensitivity with Smart-i DNR

Latest 2012 Korea HDPRO HD Smart-i DNR
HDPRO Reliability Test Room
HDPRO Company Profile
HDPRO Reliability Test Room
Reliability Test Room
Reliability Test Room
IP67 Tester

No Saturation Image, Vivid Image in darkness! HDPRO “Smart-i” camera makes very sharp video image in darkness! This technology eliminates saturation of video image of the closer object in darkness by control of the IR sensitivity. Saturation never happens in our “Smart-i” cameras, you can enjoy vivid image in any dark condition!
Day & Night

Depending on lightning, the camera automatically switches to color, in bright conditions, and mono- chrome in light conditions to give perfect 24 hour surveillance.
620TV Lines

The combination of a Sony Super HAD CCD image sensor and Smart-i DSP provides an excellent resolution of 620 TV lines.
D-WDR (Diital Wide Dynamic Range)

D-WDR : When there are simultaneous brightness & dark image areas WDR makes both distinct and can be selected desired feature between Outdoor and Indoor OFF : D-WDR function does not operate. D-WDR (Digital Dynamic Range) D-WDR is a powerful and ultra-advanced technology that captures cleaner and superior High resolution pictures even where images appear dark because there is a strong back light present.
HSBLC(Highlight Suppression Back Light Compensation)

Adaptive luminance Control AE will darken selected highlights and brighten dark portions, In the picture, the number on the car plate can be seen clearly.
3D Filtering Method of Newly Advanced DNR Function

Newly developed 3D filtering enhances Digital Noise Reduction at low light levels. 3D Filtering of the video signal optimises the signal to noise ratio, giving vastly improved low light visivility and a powerful Sens-Up function.
Low Illumination

With an incredibly minimum illumination of amazing 0.00002Lux can capture good images even inextremely low light conditions and related noises are significantly reduced by the ultra advanced DNR(Digital Noise Reduction) technology.

OSD technology enables the programmed control of CCTV camera functions after installation adequate to the environment; it can manipulate shutter speed, BLC, AGC, DNR, SENS-UP, Motion Detection, Privacy, Sharpness, White Balance and Et Cetera that facilitate the CCTV camera performance to its best .
Video Demo on HDPRO 3D-DNR OSD(On Screen Display) Adjustment
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