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Alarm Accessories
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Fronti Wireless Alarm
8 Zones
16 Zones
16 Zones GSM
GSM Module
Magnetic Contact

Conceal Magnetic Contact

Heavy Duty Magnetic

GSM Module (Black)

Mini GSM Module

GSM Module

ADSL Splitter

Strobe Light

Tamper Switch

Internal Siren

External Siren

Siren Box

Vibration Sensor

Junction Box

Strobe Light With Siren

16.5v Transformer

Alarm Keypad

Outdor Triple Technology Infrared
Pet Immunity Passive Infrared
Passive Infrared Detector

Glass Break Detector

 Smoke Detector

Alarm Transmitter

2 Sensor Photo Beam

Alarm Lightning Arrestor

4 Channel Remote Control

2 Channel Remote Control

2 Channel Receiver

4 Channel Receiver

Break Glass

Roller Shutter

Heavry Duty Roller Shutter

Long Range Remote Control

Timer Card

3 Sensor PhotoBeam

PhotoBeam Bracket
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